Container solutions

Increase the efficiency of your service and application development and operations
by containerizing your most used applications and services.

Why consider containerisation?

The increased demand for containerization is driven by the widespread adoption of an agile approach to application development and operation. If you also use agile development in your company, you will appreciate the possibilities that container solutions offer. Another advantage is that the technology can be used across different infrastructures (on-premise, public cloud).

Containers are suitable for small and large companies

There are many technologies on the market for container operation. In environments designed to run a small number of applications and services, docker swarm or podman technologies are used.

In case of a large number, you need to choose an orchestration platform that streamlines the operation of containers across clusters of servers (virtual and baremetal). Even in the orchestration platform market, there are quite a few technologies that are mostly based on the open source Kubernetes project. The best known commercial platform built on Kubernetes is OpenShift from Red Hat.

Why choose an orchestration platform?

An orchestration platform is not just about running containers. It includes additional components to streamline all processes, such as a logging component, platform and application monitoring, or additional services to ensure security or network configuration.

The architecture and platform chosen always depends on your needs, specific requirements and infrastructure. The great advantage of orchestration platforms is their versatility. They fit both on-premise solutions and cloud services, and can even be deployed in hybrid environments.

The installation and configuration of the orchestration platform is not only about configuring the selected product on the specified infrastructure, but also about other support services. In order to make the chosen platform effective, it is necessary to select the appropriate components and technologies to be installed and integrated into the platform.

Introducing a DevOps platform

Integrating DevOps platforms into your environment is a long-term process that involves not only infrastructure architects, but also staff responsible for delivering applications and services to the platform (solution architects, developers).

DevOps platform integration starts with consulting on the basic concept of installing and configuring the platform, through delivery of the platform to training your employees. We deliver platforms in the form of automation scripts so you can take over the platform and run it yourself.

Currently, we mostly use a solution based on the commercial product OpenShift from Red Hat. This product has the advantage of a significant number of other fully integrated components, with long-term support from Red Hat. Our experts are experienced in installing and configuring OpenShift on different types of installations (bar metal, virtual server, public cloud) with a combination of different features (F5 load balancer, GPFS).

Why buy a container solution from us?

  • We select a solution tailored to your needs
  • We design container solutions for small and large companies (Openshift Red Hat /Kubernetes/ Docker)
  • We provide a complete service (initial consultation, platform delivery, training)


Case studies


Automated Deployment of Openshift

The customer's main objective was to become an internal cloud provider and run applications through the Red Hat Openshift Container Platform.