Custom application development

Ensure your business has working web and mobile apps for the
back end and other front-end services that make your day-to-day work easier

What type of applications do we develop?

Our applications are predominantly designed for the back-end. They process a large number of transactions and place great emphasis on availability and security. However, front-ends are also part of our systems, which we build using modern technologies.

All of them are mainly built in Java or Kotlin and in different architectures according to your requirements or type of application (microservices, legacy application takeover).

What technologies do we use for application development?

We design mostly cloud native applications, even if you do not have a proper infrastructure in place (private or public cloud). We use mainly open source and enterprise open source technologies (Red Hat, Spring Boot, WSO2, Apache Kafka), which allow us to create modern applications and possibly purchase support from the manufacturer (not a requirement).

We design applications for any environment, whether you use on premise infrastructure (mostly built on Windows or Linux servers) or public cloud. The choice of other necessary processes (CI/CD setup, QA) depends on the infrastructure and components.

If you decide to use containerization (Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker, Podman) we will help you choose technologies and set up your environment (logging, security, auditing). When designing applications, we try to follow the path of agile application design and development processes (e.g. GitOps approach).

In the case of public clouds, we optimize the design of the application according to your requirements (according to the use of the PaaS, Iaas, Saas cloud). Our Azure and AWS public cloud experts can also help you with the use of PaaS and SaaS services.

We have a number of experts (analysts, architects, front-end and back-end developers, testers, administrators) dedicated to creating applications, thanks to which we will deliver a complete and functional solution that you can start using right away.

It doesn't end with the finished app

For our applications, we provide services throughout the entire application lifecycle. From design, through deployment, to operation or further development. When designing, we take into account modern trends, your requirements and the requirements of the application. Our goal is to provide you with an optimal solution with long-term development possibilities.

Why buy applications from us?

  • We build applications tailored to your needs
  • We place great emphasis on security and the availability of solutions
  • We design applications for on premise infrastructure and public cloud
  • We provide comprehensive services (design, deployment, operation and development)
  • Possibility to develop applications in your company (body shopping)
  • Support for created applications


Case studies


Integration of state administration systems

To design and implement an integration platform for secure transmission and acquisition of information between state administrative systems.